Package com.apptus.esales.connector

This package provides utilities for communication with an eSales cluster and this package documentation contains information on how to get started.

If the cluster is hosted in a cloud, the CloudConnector should be used. Otherwise, the OnPremConnector should be used.
The connector objects are obtained by calling the static get(String) or getOrCreate(String) methods available in both classes. The getOrCreate method will create an instance if there is no instance using that url already. The get method will not throw any exceptions but if there is no instance using the given url, it will return null.

The Connector instance is used for imports and exports and fetching Session instances.
The Session instance is used to notify eSales and create Panel instances.
The Panel instance is used to execute eSales panels and parse them into subclasses of the Result class.

See Also:
Connector, Session, Panel, Result
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