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ConnectorSession Method (String, String, String)
Creates a session for the specified session key with the specified customer key and market. Calling this method does not affect the session in the eSales server. A notification or panel query, on the object created by this method, is necessary for the properties to stick to the session. When calling this method with null in place of customerKey and/or market, the server will keep the current values of these properties for this session.

Namespace:  Apptus.ESales.Connector
Assembly:  Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi (in Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi.dll) Version: 4.5.0
public Session Session(
	string sessionKey,
	string customerKey,
	string market


Type: SystemString
The session key to identify the session.
Type: SystemString
The customer_key for this session, can be null.
Type: SystemString
The market for this session, can be null.

Return Value

Type: Session
A session for session_key.
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