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CloudConnectorGetOrCreate Method (String)

Gets a connector, provided a URL specifying the controller of an eSales cluster. A new connector will be created if a connector for the URI already exists but created by calling GetOrCreate(url, false). Connector created by this method will use System.Threading.ThreadPool for health checks of unavailable servers in the cluster and cluster lookup requests.

The URL should be on the format esales://<username>:<password>, e.g. esales://username:password. Valid query parameters are: connection_timeout - The connection timeout in milliseconds, default 2000. query_timeout - The query timeout in milliseconds, default 3000. export_timeout - The export timeout in milliseconds, default 60000. import_timeout - The import timeout in milliseconds, default 600000. notification_timeout - The notification timeout in milliseconds, default 3000. report_timeout - The report timeout in milliseconds, default 120000 (2 minutes). compression_mode - what compression should be used when sending imports. Available settings: none - No compression. gzip - Compress with GZIP. This is the default. pre_compressed_gzip - Send headers to indicate the import is compressed with GZIP, but don't do any compression. Use this if the file or InputStream you supply is already compressed. Note that files with names that end with ".gz" or ".gzip" will behave as if compression_mode= pre_compressed_gzip, regardless of what compression_mode is actually set to.

Namespace:  Apptus.ESales.Connector
Assembly:  Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi (in Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi.dll) Version: 4.5.0
public static CloudConnector GetOrCreate(
	string url


Type: SystemString
The base URL to an eSales cluster

Return Value

Type: CloudConnector
A connector
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