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ConnectorServerLog Method
Gets a log from a server. Server index should be an index in the range [0, number_of_servers - 1]. The servers are indexed in the same order as they appear in the cluster string. The server indexes can also be retrieved from the status command. Name is the name of a log. Available log names can be retrieved from ServerLogNames.

Namespace:  Apptus.ESales.Connector
Assembly:  Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi (in Apptus.Esales.ConnectorApi.dll) Version: 4.4.1
public string ServerLog(
	int serverIndex,
	string name


Type: SystemInt32
An index in the range [0, number of servers - 1]
Type: SystemString
The name of the log to be retrieved

Return Value

Type: String
The log as a string
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