Apptus.Util.Xml NamespaceA Sandcastle Documented Class Library

Public classAbstractBranchListener
Public classAttribute
An immutable XML attribute.
Public classContentListener
An element listener that reads the contents of an element, without surrounding tags. Use the ToString() method to retrieve the content after the end of the element.
Public classFormatException
Thrown when an XML document does not match an expected format. Format exceptions are not thrown if the XML document is invalid (i.e. does not follow the XML specification) or if the XML source is unavailable.
Public classFormattingSerializer
Serializer that keeps formatting as seen in the original document.
Public classIllegalArgumentException Obsolete.
Public classListListener
Public classPath
Defines a path. The format is x1/x2/.../xN, where xi is an element that is passed on the way from the root (x1) to the leaf (xN).
Public classRegistry
Public classSerializer
Public classSourceException
Thrown when the source of an XML document contains errors, for instance if the document contains invalid XML or if the source is unreadable, e.g. because of file or network error.
Public classXmlParser
Public classXmlScanner

Scans an XML document and returns significant segments, one by one. Segments are (returned properties within parentheses):

  • Attribute (name and value)
  • Characters (text)
  • End tag
  • End of document

Remember to call the

method when the scanner will no longer be used. This frees resources used by the scanner.

Public classXmlTree
Public classXmlWriter
PrintWriter with added methods for XML output.

Public interfaceElementListener

Element listener interface. Listens to elements in an XML document. Users of this API can either implement their own element listeners, or use one of the pre-defined listeners:

  • ContentListener - Holds the content of an element
  • RecordListener - Reads records, a list of XML elements with subelements representing the fields in a record
  • Serializer - Writes the XML, without indentation and line feeds, to a string builder
  • FormattingSerializer - Writes the XML, including tags and attributes, to a string builder
  • Registry - Registers element listeners for different element paths in the XML document
  • Duplexer - Distributes all callbacks to two element listeners