Apptus.ESales.Connector.Time NamespaceA Sandcastle Documented Class Library

Public classCalendarDate
A date on the format YYYY-MM-DD in the Gregorian calendar. This class describes a calendar date as defined by ISO 8601.
Public classDuration
A duration on the form P[yY][mM][dD][T[hH][mM][sS]] or P[wW], that specifies the length of a time interval.
Public classIsoDate
A date on any valid ISO 8601 format.
Public classIsoDateTime
A date and time in the ISO 8601 format.
Public classMonth
Enumeration of months.
Public classOrdinalDate
A date on the form YYYY-DDD according to the Gregorian calendar, where DDD specifies the day of year.
Public classTime
A time of day in ISO 8601 format.
Public classTimeInterval
An interval between to points in time. The interval may be expressed as either a start and an end time, or as one of those and a duration. This class represents the ISO 8601 time interval concept, which allows the different formats to express a time interval:
  • <start>/<duration>
  • <start>/<end>
  • <duration>/<end>
  • where start and end is specified using ISO 8601 date and time, while a duration is specified using a ISO 8601 duration.
    Public classTimePoint
    A point on the time scale. An object of this class represents a specific point in time regardless of time zone or locale. Time points are immutable objects that can be compared or converted to and from standard Java time objects like Calendar, Date or time in milliseconds since 1 January 1970 (i.e. Epoch time). New time points can be calculated relative to this time point, using the methods forward, back, next, floor, ceil and round. ISO 8601 representations of date and time can be obtained by calling the date, weekDate, ordinalDate, time or dateTime methods supplying a local time zone. Convenience methods for creating time points for the current time and for the beginning of the today are also included.
    Public classUnit
    An enumeration of time units.
    Public classWeekDate
    A week date on the format YYYY-Www-D, as defined by ISO 8601. ISO 8601 defines week numbers in the following way. The week with the year's first Thursday in it is called week 01. Weeks are numbered from 01 to 52 or 53. ISO 8601 also defines numbers for day of week. Monday is number 1, Tuesday number 2 and so on up to Sunday which is number 7. Use the Weekday enumeration to convert between day numbers and day names.
    Public classWeekInfo
    Information about the definition of weeks, which may very between geographical and political locations.