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The Reporter type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCultureInfo
The culture. The default culture is
. A locale defines the beginning of a week. For instance, in the U.S., the week starts on Sunday, while in Germany, it starts on Monday. Events from a Sunday may be included in different weeks, depending on the culture specified.
Public propertyTimeZone
The time zone. The default value is the local GMT±hh:mm time zone, where hh:mm is the offset in hours and minutes from UTC at the start of the time interval. A time zone defines the beginning of a day. For instance, Sunday 23:30 GMT (London) is the same time as Monday 00:30 GMT+01 (Berlin). Events from that time may be included in statistics for Sunday or Monday, depending on the time zone specified (Europe/London or Europe/Berlin). See for information about IANA time zones.
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