ConnectorExportProducts Method A Sandcastle Documented Class Library
Overload List

Public methodExportProducts
Exports product data from the eSales cluster by returning a stream to the caller.
Public methodExportProducts(String)
Exports product data from the eSales cluster to the specified destinationFile.
Public methodExportProducts(String, String)

Returns an IEnumerable ProductStreamer that allows you to do filtered product exports, conveniently parsed into ResultProduct items. Every new iteration on this class will result in a new request to eSales. Note that the IEnumerator returned by its GetEnumerator method must be disposed when done, but this is done automatically when using foreach iteration.

Note that while iterating, imports will be blocked from completing on a selected eSales server. Imports will not fail but will wait for the iteration to finish. This means that if you fail to close the ProductStreamer you might block imports indefinitely!

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