Apptus.Util.Http NamespaceA Sandcastle Documented Class Library

Public classBadRequestException
Signals that the server was unable to handle a request, typically either because the URI did not conform to the format stipulated by the server, or because it referenced a non-existing resource.
Public classBadServerException
Signals that the an error condition on the server side prevented the request from completion. Typically this is either due to a temporary condition (e.g. a database lock) or an unexpected state resulting from cruel or unusual parameters.
Public classClient Obsolete.
Abstract client class.
Public classClientFactory Obsolete.
Creates new clients
Public classClusterUnavailableException
Signals that a cluster operation gave up since no units seem to be able to process the request.
Public classCountingStream
A stream which indicates if it has been read from.
Public classRedirectException
Signals a redirect response from a server to a different URL.
Public classRequestFailedException
Base class for unrecoverable server request failure exceptions.
Public classUnrecognizedStatusException
Signals that the server response indicated a status that is not supported. This indicates either a connector or server software error, or that the connector library needs to be upgraded to handle the server in question.